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March 30, 2021

1211213Michael Kopacz 1211213 Julius Cesar Paredes

Michael & Julius

“We would like to say thank you to all the employees who assisted my brother to get a visa from day one.  Finally,  we got approved by the embassy.  Again, thank you so much Filipino Visa! God bless and more clients to come.” – Cherein Mandapat (Julius’s sister)

-Michael Kopacz & Julius Cesar Paredes
Others / March 15, 2021




1096476Vernon Newell 1096476 Jeckerelyn Adorable Newell

Vernon & Jeckerelyn


“Thank you so much to the staff of Filipino Visa who assisted me.  Thank you so much again and more power to all of you.  God bless”

-Vernon Newell & Jeckerelyn Adorable Newell
CR1 Petition / March 26, 2021




1352295Jeffrey Mark Slane 1352295 Julie Bendaño

Jeffrey & Julie


“Thank you to all the staff of Filipino Visa for the hard work and for helping us to complete our documents.  Thank you so much!  God bless you all!”

-Jeffrey Mark Slane & Julie Bendaño
K1 Petition / March 29, 2021