United States and Philippines immigration consulting services for family based immigration petitions, which can include planning the client's immigration process, providing travel and hotel stay at Manila, and ground transportation services.

July 27, 2019


Gregory and Susana

“First of all, I want to thank God that Greg and I met through Christian Filipina.  Thanks to the staff of Filipino Visa for guiding us from the beginning of the process and for being patient with us.  Thank you very much with all our hearts.  God bless you all.  Again, thank you for all your love and support.”

-Gregory Murrell and Susana Sarmiento Jose
Approved K1 / June 2019



John and Leny


“I am very grateful for the assistance of the Filipino Visa team.  I am so amazed that my visa was already approved.  The staff was great to work with and were always kind.  More power to everyone!”

-John William Smith and Leny Gumba
Approved K1 / June 2019




Jimmy and Jessa

“Thank you Filipino Visa for all your help and for being good to me.  I will never forget the assistance and the service provided by this wonderful team.  My prayer was answered and I thank the Lord that my visa was approved.  I am also grateful to my fiancé for his support and love.  ”

-Jimmy Tole and Jessa Morales Ednilan
Approved K1 / June 2019




Earnest and Adelfa

“My wife and I are very grateful and fortunate that we chose the assistance of Filipino Visa.  Their staff was always so helpful and courteous. They seemed to have the answers to all the questions that we had.  They assisted us in getting all the paperwork done correctly for our K1 visa application.  The time that we applied and got her here in the USA is approximately 8 months. Our gratitude to this team for all their help cannot be expressed in words. Thank you, Filipino Visa for all the help. More power and blessings to the company.”

-Earnest Eaves and Adelfa Eaves
Approved K1 / April 2019



Jason and Dorothy


“First of all, I want to thank the Lord for the visa approval.  Also, thank you Filipino Visa and everyone from the staff.”

-Jason Romero and Dorothy Pilapil and K-2 Daughter
Approved K1 with K2 / July 2019




July 1, 2019


David and Corazon

“I would like to thank Filipino Visa for guiding me from the beginning till the end of the process. I do appreciate how the staff assisted me in everything.  Thank you so much for helping us get our visa.  Thank you for being patient with us and with my fiance. I hope that Filipino Visa will grow and be able to help more applicants.  God Bless!  You are such a blessing to us.”

-David West and Corazon Arana with 2 Kids
Approved K1 / June 2019




Charlie and Cherry


“I would like to thank the staff of Together light Visa/Filipino Visa for supporting me with processing my papers.  The staff was kind and friendly to all applicants.  Thank you, guys!”

-Charlie Mckeehan and Cherry de Guzman
Approved K1 / June 2019




Aurelio and Stephanie

“Our agent was so helpful in getting our K1 Visa. They walked us through step by step until we finally got my K1 Visa. I was surprised how fast we got our K1 Visa approved. Without them, I would have never done this because there are very specific things you need to do correctly or else you will not be approved.  All agents that were on the site are fabulous.  They are very accommodating and very nice.  They help me get through my nervousness before my Medical and Interview.  I recommend Filipino Visa if you want to do it right and fast.”

-Aurelio Aguinaldo Almazan and Stephanie Bautista Alonzo
Approved K1 / June 2019



Victor and Fema


“I’m very grateful to the Filipino Visa team.  Thank you very much for the fast process.  I am so glad that we chose your service for my visa application.”

-899131 Victor Suarez and Fema Watin
Approved K1 / June 2019




Kenneth and Donna


“First of all, I would like to praise and thank God for giving me this opportunity to travel to the USA to finally live with my fiance.  I thank God for using Filipino Visa to process my visa as fast as they could. ALL GLORY TO GOD ALONE!”

-Kenneth Tenwalde and Donna Fe Narvasa
Approved K1 / June 2019