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December 26, 2019


Jerry Marty and Daisy Bermudez

Jerry and Daisy


“Thank God that we finished and passed our interview with the embassy. Thanks to Filipino Visa for all the help. God bless!”

-Jerry Marty and Daisy Bermudez
Approved K1 / November 2019




Matthew Murphy and Jocelyn Llorca

Matthew and Jocelyn


“Praise the Lord, Glory to God. I had a great day because I passed the interview at the US embassy. Thank you so much Christian Filipina and Filipino Visa for guiding us through our visa process. More power!”

-Matthew Murphy and Jocelyn Llorca
Approved K1 / November 2019




Geoffrey Telford and Jessica Enero

Geoffrey and Jessica


“Finally I am approved! Thanks to God and all the people behind this who made it all possible. To Filipino Visa, thank you for helping me. God bless you!”

-Geoffrey Telford and Jessica Enero
Approved K1 / November 2019




Jason Kahley and Rosevel Victorillo Jore

Jason and Rosevel


“Good day to everyone! Thank God I passed the visa interview. Thank you Filipino Visa and Christian Filipina for the guidance and the help we needed for my documents. God bless you all!”

-Jason Kahley and Rosevel Victorillo Jore
Approved K1 / November 2019




Stanley James Hines and Misma Fabilar Ledama

Stanley and Misma


“I am so happy that my K1 visa was approved with the help of Filipino Visa. Everything went smoothly. Everything happened so fast, it only took us 6 months. Thank you so much Filipino Visa for helping me and my fiance. God bless!”

-Stanley James Hines and Misma Fabilar Ledama
Approved K1 / November 2019




December 19, 2019


John Dees and Rachel Isla

John and Rachel


“To Filipino Visa, thank you so much for helping us in processing our visa. I am very happy with all the friendly staff of your department; they are very understanding and helpful. Everything went smoothly. God bless us all”

-John Dees and Rachel Isla
Approved K1 / November 2019




Robert Lee Richardson and Jovie Balondo

Robert Lee and Jovie


“I thank God for all of this success and for Christian Filipina dating site who helped us fulfill our journey. Thank you so much to all the staff. God bless!”

-Robert Lee Richardson and Jovie Balondo
Approved K1 / November 2019




Alan Smith and Jelyn Marson

Alan and Jelyn


“Thank God I passed my embassy interview. Thank you so much for all your help. God bless!”

-Alan Smith and Jelyn Marson
Approved K1 / November 2019




Robert Paul Sjoquist and  Ma. Jan Rose Mendez

Robert and Ma. Jan


“I would like to say thank you very much to your agency for assisting us from start to finish. Thank you, Filipino Visa!”

-Robert Paul Sjoquist and  Ma. Jan Rose Mendez
Approved K1 / November 2019




Olivia Cuanan and Jomar Lagmay

Olivia and Jomar

“Firstly, thanks to Almighty God for this big blessing in my life — the approval of my fiance visa. Secondly, to my one and only love, my wife-to-be Olivia, for trusting and supporting me all the way. And lastly, to the people of this team, Filipino Visa. Thank you guys for all your support! Mabuhay!”

-Olivia Cuanan and Jomar Lagmay
Approved K1 / November 2019




December 5, 2019


Timothy O’Connor and Ronelyn Dinero

Timothy and Ronelyn


“First, I thank God that I got approved.  Thank you also to all the staff of Filipino Visa for helping us to process our papers.”

-Timothy O’Connor and Ronelyn Dinero
Approved K1 / October 2019




Kenneth Ramey and Joyce Castro

Kenneth and Joyce


“I thank God for all the success! And I thank the agency for their guidance and support. Thank you Filipino Visa for helping us.”

-Kenneth Ramey and Joyce Castro
Approved K1 / October 2019




Michael Adent and Agnes Salas

Michael and Agnes

“I thank God for Christian Filipina because it was used by God for me to find my soulmate and the man in my prayers, Mike. Now my visa is approved; thanks to Christian Filipina and Filipino Visa staff for their great job in assisting me with my visa application. Thank you and God bless!”

-Michael Adent and Agnes Salas
Approved K1 / October 2019



James Hammond and Margie Combis

James and Margie


“I thank God and Christian Filipina for all the success! Thank you to all the staff of Filipino Visa for guiding me through the process. God bless!”

– James Hammond and Margie Combis
Approved K1 / October 2019




William Bryant and Ligaya Carza

William and Ligaya


“Me and my fiance, William, are so happy and grateful for all the assistance of Filipino Visa. Even though the process is quite long, they are always there to support and guide us until we got approved. Thank you so much and God bless!”

-William Bryant and Ligaya Carza
Approved K1 / September 2019