United States and Philippines immigration consulting services for family based immigration petitions, which can include planning the client's immigration process, providing travel and hotel stay at Manila, and ground transportation services.

December 26, 2019


Jerry Marty and Daisy Bermudez

Jerry and Daisy


“Thank God that we finished and passed our interview with the embassy. Thanks to Filipino Visa for all the help. God bless!”

-Jerry Marty and Daisy Bermudez
Approved K1 / November 2019




Matthew Murphy and Jocelyn Llorca

Matthew and Jocelyn


“Praise the Lord, Glory to God. I had a great day because I passed the interview at the US embassy. Thank you so much Christian Filipina and Filipino Visa for guiding us through our visa process. More power!”

-Matthew Murphy and Jocelyn Llorca
Approved K1 / November 2019




Geoffrey Telford and Jessica Enero

Geoffrey and Jessica


“Finally I am approved! Thanks to God and all the people behind this who made it all possible. To Filipino Visa, thank you for helping me. God bless you!”

-Geoffrey Telford and Jessica Enero
Approved K1 / November 2019




Jason Kahley and Rosevel Victorillo Jore

Jason and Rosevel


“Good day to everyone! Thank God I passed the visa interview. Thank you Filipino Visa and Christian Filipina for the guidance and the help we needed for my documents. God bless you all!”

-Jason Kahley and Rosevel Victorillo Jore
Approved K1 / November 2019




Stanley James Hines and Misma Fabilar Ledama

Stanley and Misma


“I am so happy that my K1 visa was approved with the help of Filipino Visa. Everything went smoothly. Everything happened so fast, it only took us 6 months. Thank you so much Filipino Visa for helping me and my fiance. God bless!”

-Stanley James Hines and Misma Fabilar Ledama
Approved K1 / November 2019