United States and Philippines immigration consulting services for family based immigration petitions, which can include planning the client's immigration process, providing travel and hotel stay at Manila, and ground transportation services.

June 15, 2023

Eric LeBlanc & Katherine Tagudin

Eric & Katherine

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa for helping us from the beginning until the end. To those who assisted me, especially Kevin Santos and Chan, thank you so much. God bless!! More clients to come.”

– Eric LeBlanc & Katherine Tagudin
K1 Petition / June 15, 2023





June 1, 2023

Michael Martin & Manilyn Etoquilla

Michael & Manilyn

“Thank you for your service Filipino Visa!!! Michael and I are thankful for your 100% service.”

– Michael Martin & Manilyn Etoquilla
K1 Petition / June 1, 2023






May 30, 2023

John Bujnak & Judy Mau Bujnak

John & Judy Mau

“To Filipino Visa, thank you for assisting us from start to finish and for getting us approved. Your service is awesome and amazing! All the staff who assisted me here in Manila are very kind and approachable. I will and will recommend Filipino Visa to my friends and relatives. More blessings and power to your company!”

– John Bujnak & Judy Mau Bujnak
CR1 Petition / May 30, 2023






May 4, 2023

Rhonda Macpherson & Erica Ponseca

Rhonda & Erica

“I can say that I am 100% satisfied with their service. Thank you, Filipino Visa, for being a big part of our journey. I hope that you continue to help other couples in the future. God bless, and more power!!!”

– Rhonda Macpherson & Erica Ponseca
K1 Petition / May 4, 2023




Edward Vasquez & Michelle Riodeque

Edward & Michelle

“Thanks to Ms. Maureen and Filipino Visa family for assisting us in our K1 visa application. Edward and I are very happy to finally reunite and see each other again. Thank you again Filipino Visa!”

– Edward Vasquez & Michelle Riodeque
K1 Petition / May 4, 2023




May 2, 2023

 Jasyon Sargent & Arlene Aquino Sargent

Jasyon & Arlene

“A big thank you to the staff of Filipino Visa. There is no way we could’ve gotten through the process without them. It was a long undergoing but very much worth the wait. Thanks again.”

– Jasyon Sargent & Arlene Aquino Sargent
CR1 Petition / May 2, 2023






April 26, 2023

William Caballero & Angelina Morales

William & Angelina

“Thank you to Angelique, our Visa is approved. Great Job Filipino Visa”

– William Caballero & Angelina Morales
K1 Petition / April 26, 2023




Gerson Tan & Princess Jillanne Sierra

Gerson & Princess

“Thank you to Ms. Maureen, our agent, for taking care of our papers since the first day very comfortable with Filipino Visa for all the services from medical to interview. They will take care of you and assist you. God bless Filipino Visa.”

– Gerson Tan & Princess Jillanne Sierra
CR1 Petition / April 26, 2023