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June 11, 2024

Willie & Maricel

“Thank you Filipino Visa for helping my visa approved. Recommended agency. Thank you!”

– Willie & Maricel
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024









Stewart & Janice

“To my last coordinator po Ms. Aye po, thank you so much for helping out for my docs and to Ms. Elaine po, thank you so much po, the mock interview helped me a lot and I learned a lot about our preliminary interview. To my Filipino Visa all I can say is thank u, thank u so much for everything esp. for our documents. Thank you for the patience and understanding. God bless!!! More power, again thank you so much!!!”

– Stewart & Janice
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024






Craig & Jhem

“Thanks for all the efforts and time that you put in to our application.”

– Craig & Jhem
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024









Donald & Rosalyn

“Thank you Filipino Visa staff, specially to Ms. Marygail for doing everything her best for me to be able to lean a lot. For patiently waiting for my response from time to time.

Recommended Staff!

Again thank you to all staff, management & to the person who create ChristianFilipina.com”

– Donald & Rosalyn
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024






Keith & Elma

“I am very happy that my K1 visa has been approved through the help with Filipino Visa. They are very helpful with our papers from the very beginning up until the end. To our Visa coordinator Ms. Katharine thank you for all your unwavering help and support. May God bless you always.”

– Keith & Elma
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024







Rousseau & Ellen

“Filipino Visa was a very good agency. They really make sure that all the documents were good, staff are so humble and very accommodating. Thank you very much for helping throughout everything.”

– Rousseau & Ellen
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024








Kory & Jean

Thank you so much to all the staffs of Filipino Visa who have been there from the beginning of my Visa application until the end.

I am very grateful especially to Ms. Kyla Parungo. She was very kind, accommodating and patient with me. And also to Ms. Ellaine for teaching me how to ace the embassy interview. Thank you so much.

– Kory & Jean
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024






June 10, 2024

David Allen & Leah

Filipino Visa never fail us. I am grateful to be part of Filipino Visa for helping us from the beginning to end of the process. Thanks to ma’am Asha for being there for us, thank you so much ma’am.

– David Allen & Leah
CR1 Petition / June 10, 2024








June 6, 2024

Christopher and Shiela Marie

To God be the Glory!

It was a long way to get the visa but I was delighted that I have meet Filipino Visa. They process smoothly and stress free, very approachable and accommodating. Special thanks to Ms. Chers Cruzada and Ms. Nico for giving a lot of advice and patient during the process.

Domo Arigaton Gozaimasu.“

– Christopher and Shiela Marie
K1 Petition / June 6, 2024





June 4, 2024

Jermaine & Grace

“Thank you Filipino Visa for assisting and guiding me for my K1 Visa journey. And all staff are very approachable they are very nice.

Thank you and Godbless.”

– Jermaine & Grace
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024







Craig & Carolyn

“To Ms. Jhacie,

She so nice, explained everything what I am going. She always there for us. Ms. Jhacie is a good in work.

I am so proud of her to be one of her client. I am so much thankful to all Filipino Visa. They are so kind, helpful and sweet.

Thank you and God bless! More clients to come!”

– Craig & Carolyn
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024





Kevin & Juliet

“Ma’am Marygail, Maraming salamat sa lahat, lalo na sa Filipino Visa Evaluation Service”

– Kevin & Juliet
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024









Jose & Angelica Joy

“To Ms. Nicolene,

Thank you for your wonderful help. Filipino Visa make it easier for us to get our forever.”

– Jose & Angelica Joy
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024








Gregory & Mara Joie

“A big thanks to the Filipino Visa for making this process so easier. To sir KJ was very understanding and accommodating and hands on. For all the staff thank you so much sobrang babait po ninyo. “

– Gregory & Mara Joie
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024








Ken & Judith

“I would like to say thank you so much to all Filipino Visa staff specially to Ms. Marygail Fabian. To all transpo assist, hotel boarding asst., thank you for all the help, support and effort. Without you all I am not here wherever I am now. To Christian Filipina the most. Continue serving the people and looking forward. Good luck, more power and more success.”

– Ken & Judith
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024







Donald & Allyn

Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng staff lalo na po sa aming Visa coordinator na si Ms. Aye. Thank you po sa guidance and assistance.

Sana po marami pa po kayong matulungan. God bless po sa team.”

– Donald & Allyn
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024







Luke & Shynie

“I am blessed and beyond thankful to having Filipino Visa as our partner, support for the success of our Visa application.

This has been active and constant when it comes to proper assistance. I hove its assistance, I recommend Filipino Visa.

The staff are kind, approachable, responsible and very good with their task. God bless the company! “

– Luke & Shynie
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024





Terry & Elisa

“Nag papasalamat po ako kila Ms. Evangelyn Pascon and Ms. Chers Crusada sa pag tulong at paggabay sa amin at pag update sa akin sa mga kailangang ipasa. Lubos ako na nagpapasalamat dahil pumasa ako sa K1 interview. “

– Terry & Elisa
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024








David & Charmaine

Thank you to Filipino Visa for guiding me through out the process for my K1 and K2 Visa. We got approved! I want to extend my gratitude to my coordinator Ms. Maureen, Ms. Lhianne and Elaine. Thank you all.

– David & Charmaine
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024








Kosta & Elvira

“Unforgettable moment in my life. This is it. Happy and grateful I am part of Filipino Visa. Thanks God for everything. God is good all the time. All the staff are good. so much appreciated to our receptionist. He is very nice and good person. So much excellent picking and dropping me me so much appreciated to them mostly to Miss Shai and sir Marlon and recommend them. To my coordinator ma’am Marygail, I’m very thankful but the only thing we focus to our work. I understand every situation lastly I’m recommended Filipino Visa to all my friends, God bless to us. More power to your good service.”

– Kosta & Elvira
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024





Genaro & Janet

“Dear Chole & Staff,

I would like to thank you for everything making possible for my US Visa. God bless you all. Thank you again.”

– Genaro & Janet
K1 Petition / June 4, 2024








June 3, 2024

Gregory & Marvie

“Thank you so much ma’am Asha for support me. “

– Gregory & Marvie
CR1 Petition / June 3, 2024









James Allen & Marinel

Thank you po Filipino Visa sa pag process simula umpisa hanggang dulo ng Visa journey ko. Thank you so much po sa lahat ng coordinators na humawak o nagtrabaho ng visa journey namin ng mga anak ko. Lahat po ng staff mababait po. Thank you so much po ulit Filipino Visa. Hindi po namin ito makakamit kondi dahil po sa tulong po ninyo. Maraming maraming salamat. God bless you all po..

– James Allen & Marinel
CR1 Petition / June 3, 2024







“I am writing to thank you for the quality service. I sincerely appreciate your efficient, kind, gracious customer service, the level of professionalism, accountability, the way you conduct business as a whole for me its perfect. My Visa coordinator, she’s the best, the gourd assistance they are excellently nice and very professional. My Visa is approved today, June 3, 2024, because of your help.”

– Helen
Others / June 3, 2024