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June 11, 2024

Willie & Maricel

“Thank you Filipino Visa for helping my visa approved. Recommended agency. Thank you!”

– Willie & Maricel
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Stewart & Janice

“To my last coordinator po Ms. Aye po, thank you so much for helping out for my docs and to Ms. Elaine po, thank you so much po, the mock interview helped me a lot and I learned a lot about our preliminary interview. To my Filipino Visa all I can say is thank u, thank u so much for everything esp. for our documents. Thank you for the patience and understanding. God bless!!! More power, again thank you so much!!!”

– Stewart & Janice
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024






Craig & Jhem

“Thanks for all the efforts and time that you put in to our application.”

– Craig & Jhem
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Donald & Rosalyn

“Thank you Filipino Visa staff, specially to Ms. Marygail for doing everything her best for me to be able to lean a lot. For patiently waiting for my response from time to time.

Recommended Staff!

Again thank you to all staff, management & to the person who create ChristianFilipina.com”

– Donald & Rosalyn
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024






Keith & Elma

“I am very happy that my K1 visa has been approved through the help with Filipino Visa. They are very helpful with our papers from the very beginning up until the end. To our Visa coordinator Ms. Katharine thank you for all your unwavering help and support. May God bless you always.”

– Keith & Elma
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024







Rousseau & Ellen

“Filipino Visa was a very good agency. They really make sure that all the documents were good, staff are so humble and very accommodating. Thank you very much for helping throughout everything.”

– Rousseau & Ellen
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Kory & Jean

Thank you so much to all the staffs of Filipino Visa who have been there from the beginning of my Visa application until the end.

I am very grateful especially to Ms. Kyla Parungo. She was very kind, accommodating and patient with me. And also to Ms. Ellaine for teaching me how to ace the embassy interview. Thank you so much.

– Kory & Jean
K1 Petition / June 11, 2024