United States and Philippines immigration consulting services for family based immigration petitions, which can include planning the client's immigration process, providing travel and hotel stay at Manila, and ground transportation services.

January 30, 2020


David England and Purita Angiwan

David and Purita


“I just want to say thank you very much to Filipino Visa and to all the staff. They are so helpful and patient. May the Almighty God bless you all!”

-David England and Purita Angiwan
Approved K1 / December 2019




Benjamin Jones and Aiza Tomenio

Benjamin and Aiza


“First of all, I would like to thank Filipino Visa for helping me and my fiance process all our documents for the K1 visa. I hope that you can help more clients like us. God bless us all!”

-Benjamin Jones and Aiza Tomenio
Approved K1/ December 2019




Thomas Slane and Evangeline De Asis

Thomas and Evangeline

“Thank you so much to the staff of Filipino Visa.  They are so reliable when it comes to processing our papers, and are very helpful and friendly. They approached me in a very nice way.  I am very glad to meet them all and so thankful for all their efforts to help us. More power and God bless to Filipino Visa!”

-Thomas Slane and Evangeline De Asis
Approved K1 / December 2019




Timothy Harold Stauffer and Diosma Dimagnaong

Timothy and Diosma


“I would like to say thank you for the unforgettable experience, and of course to your very good service. Thank you so much for all your help!”

-Timothy Harold Stauffer and Diosma Dimagnaong
Approved K1 / December 2019




Robert Olson and Juralyn Carpa Bulaybulay

Robert and Juralyn


“Thanks to Filipino Visa for the full support, and your assistance. My fiance and I are very thankfu!”

-Robert Olson and Juralyn Carpa Bulaybulay
Approved K1 / December 2019






January 24, 2020


Jason Crook and Angelyn Kafan

Jason and Angelyn


“Thank you so much, finally, we got approved! Thank you also to Filipino Visa for all the support and for processing our documents. Lastly but most importantly, thanks to God for giving me wisdom and knowledge.”

-Jason Crook and Angelyn Kafan
Approved K1/ December 2019




Matthew Rose and Jasmine Arellano

Matthew and Jasmine


“My fiancé and I are really thankful for all the help of the Filipino Visa staff.  Thank you for processing our documents and being so nice in answering all of my questions. After the long wait we got approved! Thank you and God bless you all!”

-Matthew Rose and Jasmine Arellano
Approved K1 / December 2019




Jamerson Harris and Lirio Enero

Jamerson and Lirio

“To God be the glory! Jamie and I would like to thank God first and foremost for giving us the opportunity to be with each other now. Thanks to Christian Filipina for being our tool to meet each other and also thanks to Filipino Visa for helping us to do the petition process from the beginning up to the end. God bless and more power!”

-Jamerson Harris and Lirio Enero
Approved K1 / December 2019



Benjamin Guynes and Arislyn Catigan

Benjamin and Arislyn

“My fiancé and I are glad that Filipino Visa helped us since the first day of our visa process. I couldn’t be more grateful because I’m so clueless about the process but with the help of Filipino Visa, I made it through. Keep up the good work and I prayed for more clients to come!”

-Benjamin Guynes and Arislyn Catigan
Approved K1 / December 2019




Richard DeFelice and Charis Ligtas

Richard and Charis


“I just want to thank Filipino Visa for being so wonderful. Their services are very good and I really appreciate all the employees. Thank you for your help, you’re so kind to me. Thanks to God. I got approved! God bless us all!”

-Richard DeFelice and Charis Ligtas
Approved K1 / December 2019






January 16, 2020


David Beebe and Nilda Caminio

David and Nilda


“I am Nilda Caminio. I am so blessed and very thankful with our Lord Jesus for all the blessings He gave me and my fiance. A big thank you to the agency who’s there for all our needs. God bless us all!”

-David Beebe and Nilda Caminio
Approved K1 / December 2019



Alvin Jay and Brejie Ann Atablanco

Alvin and Brejie Ann

“I’m so thankful to God for the success of our visa with the help of Christian and Filipino Visa. We would like to thank you for the good service, you have been very helpful to us throughout the process. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Have a blessed day everyone! Mabuhay!”

-Alvin Jay and Brejie Ann Atablanco
Approved K1/ November 2019



Steven and Angeline Carpenter

Steven and Angeline

“Hello there, I am Angeline Carpenter. I just want to share my experience with Filipino Visa. I had so much fun working with the team, they are very helpful. They provided all the things that I needed and prepared my documents so well. Thank you so much for all your help! God bless! ”

-Steven and Angeline Carpenter
Approved CR1/ December 2019




Rodney Balalark and Joanna Paitan

Rodney and Joanna


“Hi, I am Joanna Paitan. Thank God and everyone here at Filipino Visa for helping me and guiding me in processing our documents. God bless us all!”

-Rodney Balalark and Joanna Paitan
Approved K1 / December 2019




Kirby McKinney and Merla Daño

Kirby and Merla


“Hi everyone! I’m very thankful to God. Finally, I will see my fiance and be with him soon. Thank you Filipino Visa for helping us.”

-Kirby McKinney and Merla Daño
Approved K1 / December 2019






January 9, 2020


Vic and Pinky Lewellen

Vic and Pinky


“Hello to all! Our visa got approved today! Thank you for helping us along the way. Thank you Filipino Visa! Praise God!”

-Vic and Pinky Lewellen
Approved CR1/ November 2019




John Ehlers and Arcenal Aime Berja

John and Arcenal Aime


“Good day everyone! Thanks to God I got my visa approved. Thanks to the staff for helping me get through this. It’s a long process but it’s all worth it. I’m happy to be with my fiance very soon. God bless! ”

-John Ehlers and Arcenal Aime Berja
Approved K1 / September 2019




Kenneth Reynolds and Ardelyn Atamosa

Kenneth and Ardelyn


“I’m so glad that my visa was approved! Thank you, Lord! I’m so thankful also to Filipino Visa for guiding me. God bless you all and more power.”

-Kenneth Reynolds and Ardelyn Atamosa
Approved K1 / November 2019




Mark Zahn and Ditas Charisma

Mark and Ditas


“Good day! Thank God I got my visa approved. I am so happy! Thank you so much Filipino Visa and God bless.”

-Mark Zahn and Ditas Charisma
Approved K1 / November 2019




Richard Horton and Theresa Clemena

Richard and Theresa

“Hello, I am Theresa, Thank you for helping us from the very start of our visa processing. And now, I’m done with the interview and got approved. I’m just waiting for my visa to be delivered to my address. Thank you so much for helping us! More power!”

-Richard Horton and Theresa Clemena
Approved K1 / November 2019