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October 31, 2019


Jon and Alma Steinbach

Jon and Alma


“The processing of our papers was nice and great. We did not have any problem regarding submitting our documents. In fact, they are helpful and easy to approach when we have concerns. Overall, Filipino Visa is a good company.”

-Jon and Alma Steinbach
Approved CR1/ September 2019




Paul Snyder and Leonora Habel

Paul and Leonora


“Our experience in processing our papers with Filipino Visa is quite easy and smooth. We did not encounter any problem because of the very nice staff. Their services are highly recommended for Visa processing. Thank you!”

-Paul Snyder and Leonora Habel
Approved K1 / September 2019




Myron Guy and Charina S. Ehada

Myron and Charina


“I just want to share that my Visa got approved by the embassy and I’m so happy! Thank you to all the staff of Filipino Visa for guiding me and processing all my documents. Thank you!”

-Myron Guy and Charina S. Ehada
Approved K1 / September 2019




Lee Gregory Porter and Rosalinda Carlo Moring

Lee and Rosalinda

“I just want to share my experience processing my documents with Filipino Visa. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Even though we experienced some difficulties along the process, we still got approved with the help of this team! Thank you and God bless!”

-Lee Gregory Porter and Rosalinda Carlo Moring
Approved K1 / September 2019




Arthur Edward Matthews and Corazon Garcia

Arthur and Corazon

“I was approved today for my K1 visa. I would like to thank all the staff of Filipino Visa for being so approachable. They were there from the start of my K1 Visa processing.  They are very accommodating at any time of the day.  Even during the weekend, they can email me and answer all my questions. I was blessed with Filipino Visa.”

-Arthur Edward Matthews and Corazon Garcia
Approved K1 / September 2019




October 25, 2019


Spencer Cshoon and Gina Tagle

Spencer and Gina


“Thank you for your assistance. Everything is worth it! Thank you for the excellent service.”

-Spencer Cshoon and Gina Tagle
Approved K1 / August 2019




William McFarlane and Jean Mae Casuyon

William and Jean Mae


“Thank you for the assistance. It is very challenging and needs a lot of patience, but it’s all worth it.”

-William McFarlane and Jean Mae Casuyon
Approved K1 / September 2019





Jeremy Hackel and Helen Grace Bertolano

Jeremy and Helen


“Thank you Filipino Visa for your assistance. Please continue providing excellent service. Thank you again!”

-Jeremy Hackel and Helen Grace Bertolano
Approved K1 / September 2019




Delbert Wortman and Cecilia Madelozo

Delbert and Cecilia


“It was an amazing and very unforgettable experience processing my K1 Visa. I am thankful to the staff, for helping me from the beginning until the day of my interview. More power to you all! God Bless!”

-Delbert Wortman and Cecilia Madelozo
Approved K1 / September 2019





Jeff Potenberg and Rebecca dela Peña

Jeff and Rebecca


“I just want to say thank you to all the staff of Christian Filipina and Filipino Visa. You did a good job. I thank God for all the blessings He gave to me and Jeffrey. God bless!”

-Wayne Gardner and Crystal Hipolito
Approved K1 / September 2019




October 18, 2019


Robert Disco and Nelyn Mabua

Robert and Nelyn

“We are very thankful to Filipino Visa for assisting us in our K1 process. We were married July 16, 2019. My husband and I are very happy, living together here in the USA. We’re in our Adjustment of Status process with the help of Filipino Visa. Looking forward to get my 2 year green card soon! Again from my husband and me, thank you very much Filipino Visa! God Bless You all.”

-Robert Disco and Nelyn Mabua
Approved K1 / July 2019




Dennis Davis and Alice Tumala Awa

Dennis and Alice


“To God be the glory! Thank you Filipino Visa for helping me with everything. I am very happy. Finally, my dreams will come true. God bless you all! Thank you so much again.”

-Dennis Davis and Alice Tumala Awa
Approved K1 / August 2019





Michael Goubeau and Grace Gungob

Michael and Grace


“First of all, thank you Filipino Visa! Without you guys, I will not be able to process my visa. Starting a new life soon. Thank you again”

-Michael Goubeau and Grace Gungob
Approved K1 / August 2019





Sean Burke and Novemae Ramos Dinglasa

Sean and Novemae


“It was a roller coaster ride but we made it. We are very thankful to Filipino Visa staff for accommodating me and Sean. We will always be thankful for you guys. Definitely recommendable! ”

-Sean Burke and Novemae Ramos Dinglasa
Approved CR1/ July 2019






Wayne Gardner and Crystal Hipolito

Wayne and Crystal


“Thank you for your good service! It was nice working with good people like you. We are very much thankful to all of you. Thank you for helping us. God bless and more clients to come!”

-Wayne Gardner and Crystal Hipolito
Approved K1 / June 2019




October 10, 2019


Edward and Jenifer


“We already got married and we wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped us with our K1 Visa.”

-Edward Rogeson and Jenifer Estember
Approved K1 / June 2019




Peyton and Lorna


“I’m very happy that I got my K1 Fiancee Visa. The service was excellent, and all the employees were very kind. Thank you so much, Filipino Visa.”

-Peyton Duane Siliado and Lorna Jean Asombrado
Approved K1 / August 2019





Robin and Mary Jane


“I’m so blessed that I have my K1 visa. To the staff of Filipino Visa, thank you so much for helping us in the process. God bless you and more power!”

-Robin Law and Mary Jane Penales
Approved K1 / August 2019





Espiridion Antivo and Lydia Antivo


“I am happy my CR1 visa is approved. To the staff of Filipino visa, thank you so much!”

-Espiridion Antivo and Lydia Antivo
Approved CR1/ July 2019






Mark and Ednalyn


“Filipino Visa, thank you so much for helping us with the visa process. We are happy that finally, our dreams are coming true. God bless!”

-Mark Tanner and Ednalyn Bucay
Approved K1 / June 2019




October 2, 2019


Anthony and Remy

“Praise God we have been approved. I thank the Lord that He guided us to Christian Filipina and led me to my beautiful fiancee, Remy. This has been a journey that I will never forget because I have met my wife and her son, Jess, and they have been a blessing to me. Now, we share our life in the USA. Thank you so much, CF for all your support and happiness. We could not have done this without you. God bless.”

-Anthony Kimmer and Remy Armamento
Approved K1 / July 2019




Dennis and Angela

“Denny and I are very thankful for the assistance you have given us. It was a good experience to have you along with our journey, to have great assistance with documentation, medical and the interview process. Thank you so much for your great help.”

-William Dennis Hendrix and Angela Anne Alejandro
Approved K1 / August 2019




Jake and Jessel


“We both feel happy and satisfied with your excellent service. You made it easy for us. Thank you, Filipino Visa.”

-Jake Gilfillan and Jessel Rodulfo
Approved K1 / August 2019





Corey and Noemi

“First of all, I want to thank God for his guidance on my K1 visa application, and also to my Christian Filipina family. To all the staff who were always there to guide and assist my application, Ant, Corey, and I owe you so much. Thanks a lot, Together Light Visa Consultancy. To God be the glory and more power to this agency.”

-Corey Smith and Noemi Taguba
Approved K1 / July 2019




David and Anme

“Firstly, thank you so much, Lord, because You have not forsaken me. Thank you also to my family and friends for supporting me. And lastly, thanks to Together light Visa Consultancy at Pearl of the Orient Towers. Thank you to all the staff.”

-David Zerbe and Anme Delera
Approved K1 / July 2019