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October 25, 2019


Spencer Cshoon and Gina Tagle

Spencer and Gina


“Thank you for your assistance. Everything is worth it! Thank you for the excellent service.”

-Spencer Cshoon and Gina Tagle
Approved K1 / August 2019




William McFarlane and Jean Mae Casuyon

William and Jean Mae


“Thank you for the assistance. It is very challenging and needs a lot of patience, but it’s all worth it.”

-William McFarlane and Jean Mae Casuyon
Approved K1 / September 2019





Jeremy Hackel and Helen Grace Bertolano

Jeremy and Helen


“Thank you Filipino Visa for your assistance. Please continue providing excellent service. Thank you again!”

-Jeremy Hackel and Helen Grace Bertolano
Approved K1 / September 2019




Delbert Wortman and Cecilia Madelozo

Delbert and Cecilia


“It was an amazing and very unforgettable experience processing my K1 Visa. I am thankful to the staff, for helping me from the beginning until the day of my interview. More power to you all! God Bless!”

-Delbert Wortman and Cecilia Madelozo
Approved K1 / September 2019





Jeff Potenberg and Rebecca dela Peña

Jeff and Rebecca


“I just want to say thank you to all the staff of Christian Filipina and Filipino Visa. You did a good job. I thank God for all the blessings He gave to me and Jeffrey. God bless!”

-Wayne Gardner and Crystal Hipolito
Approved K1 / September 2019