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January 30, 2024

Angel & Rechel

“The process of my K1 Visa at Filipino Visa is smooth and fast. All the staff is very accommodating and very approachable.”

– Angel & Rechel
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








James & Lea

Thank you for the patience and for a good assistance in every steps and processing we’ve been through. Continue helping to those who chooses Filipino Visa. All the staff and employees are very accommodating and very welcoming. Thank you so much and may God bless you all.

Take care everyone!

– James & Lea
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024






Kerry & Jenefer

“I just want to say thank you to the Filipino Visa especially to Ma’am Maureen who’s there with me since from the start till I get approved. For all the staffs also who helped to get through all of these. Thank you so much for everything. Godbless.”

– Kerry & Jenefer
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Johny & Emma

“I, Maxima Jantar would like to thank Filipino Visa for your excellent service. My k1 visa is approved.

NOTE: Special thanks to hardworking Anthony De Rueda. You’re tha best.

God bless you!”

– Johny & Emma
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024







Lee and Emilyn

“Maraming salamat po sa Filipino Visa sa pag assist at pag aayos ng mga documents para sa k1 visa. Npakalaking tulong po ng company niyo. Maraming salamat po kay Ms. Maureen sa palaging pag update at sa mahabang pasensya niya sa amin ni Fiance. Salamat din po kay Ms. Angie sa mock interview. Salamat din po sa mga taga hatid at sundo. Godbless po. Visa approved!”

– Lee and Emilyn
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024







Steve & Hazel

Filipino Visa helped a lot in assisting me and my fiance with all the requirements needed. From forms, payments and support all throughout the process. Less stress in our part knowing that someoneis helping us.
Thank you to Filipino Visa. They are very good answering our question

– Steve & Hazel
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Richard & Michelle

I would like to thank the Filipino Visa and its staff for the all package assistance from day 1 until my interview. They are always there to assist me without their helps I wouldn’t know if i can make it faster.
Godbless Filipino Visa!

– Richard & Michelle
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Timothy & Catherine

Thank you Filipino Visa sa pagtulong sa pag p[rocess ng application simula nong una hanggang sa final.
Very accommodating. All the staff are friendly. Especially sa aming agent na si Mr. Green Panis. Thank you and Godbless!

– Timothy & Catherine
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Marty & Ma. Corazon

“Thank you so much to Ms. Nikka for helping me with my Visa application. Also the other staff were so friendly and they assisted me very well. Thank you to Filipino Visa, God bless!”

– Marty & Ma. Corazon
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024









Thomas & Lovely

“I am supper blessed today because I got my Visa approved! Thank you so much sir Anthony for helping me to process my Visa application. Also, to all the staff that is very approachable.

A trillion thanks to this Agency and staff!”

– Thomas & Lovely
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








Eric & Mary Jane

“We started the process in April 2022 and after 2 years we finally getting our Visa. Filipino Visa has been a big help through the process. There’s many curveballs in this process. We are grateful it is over and we can finally move to the US. Also we help with K2 Visa for my son.”

– Eric & Mary Jane
K1 Petition / January 30, 2024








January 26, 2024

Lance & Joan

From the staff 102B, thank you, I’m so blessed to be assisted by you guys. So blessed and always do your best on your work.

– Lance & Joan
K1 Petition / January 26, 2024









January 23, 2024

Michael & Angeline

I’m so happy. The agency is very accommodating. I can see that they work. I mean the worker love their work and so their client. I’m very happy and satisfied client. Thank you and more power. Godbless.

– Michael & Angeline
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024









I highly recommend Filipino Visa to process your visa because they are doing a great job. They will help you        throughout the process. No regrets that I asked them to assist me with my visa. I am very thankful and happy.      Therefore, choose Filipino visa to assist you.

– William & Selah Joy
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024






Thank you, Filipino Visa sa pag assist ninyo sa amin. Taos puso ko po itong pasasalamat sa inyong lahat, salamat salamat po. Napaka bait po ninyo.

                                Again maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. Godbless po.”

– Jesus & Brenda
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024






Thank you Filipino Visa for your guidance throughout the whole process. Chris and I are so thankful for your                assistance. Godbless your company.

 – Christopher & Irish Mae
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024






Neal & Ana Marie

“Nag papasalamat po ako sa mga nag assist sa akin at sa pag hatid sundo sa akin na VA team. Special thanks to Ms. Marygail and to all the staffs of Filipino Visa, thank you so much sa pag assist sa aking mga documents. God Bless!”

– Neal & Ana Marie
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024









Billy & Marichu

Filipino Visa is very good and very accommodating in assisting their client. Ms. Nico, Ms. Nicolene was very great as well as Ms. Angie she train me yesterday with the possible answers. Thank you for all the hardwork.

– Billy & Marichu
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024










Brent & Audry

The agency of Filipino Visa, they assist me very good, fast as they can. They are so kind and understanding to communicate

– Brent & Audry
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024










Daniel & Marieta

Thank you so much for all the support and help since the beginning of my visa application. It has been a great journey with you. I hope you continue to help[ other Filipinos and do a great job. Special mention to KJ Soriano.

– Daniel & Marieta
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024









Michael & Auri

“Thank you to Filipino Visa for good and nice service. For helping me top all my papers and needs. Thank you for the good staff and good accommodation”

– Michael & Aurie
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024










Nathan and Nancy

It was a good experience with Filipino Visa. They helped me prepared my documents and had the mock interview too. Thank you for helping us during this journey of ours.

– Nathan and Nancy
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024










Bruce & Marites

I really appreciate the help of Filipino Visa to me. Lahat ng tulong at pag aasikaso hanggang sa matapos ko ang aking visa interview ay tatanawin kong utang na loob. Kay maam Maureen na walang sawang tulungan kami ay labis kaming nagpapasalamat at sa lahat ng tumulong.

– Bruce & Marites
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024









Craig & Maria Antonieta

“I just wanna say thank you to all Filipino Visa staff, especially to Ms. Ruth for helping me to process my application. It is a big help for me because I can’t do this alone. Again, thank you you all!”

– Craig & Maria Antonieta
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024










Jerry Dean & Jay Anthony

“To Filipino Visa thank you so much for all the efforts, guidance and support. Thank you for helping us process my Visa application from start until I got my Visa approved. Thank you also to Marlon and Jonalisa for the pick up service from medical until the day of my embassy interview. Special thanks to Ms. Marygail from helping me with my Visa petition, you’re the best, you did a great job! More clients to the company! “

– Jerry Dean & Jay Anthony
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024









Martin & Alma

First and foremost I am thankful to God for always there for me throughout my journey until I reached the peack of my success. Just got my Visa approved!

Also, I am grateful to Christian Filipina in which it is the way of God for me to meet my fiancé.

To all the staffs of Filipino Visa who helped, assisted and always got ahold on me for follow up especially to sir Peter. I so much appreciated for all you efforts and for being supportive to process my papers. God bless always!”

– Martin & Alma
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024






William & Marciana

My fiancé came across at your website when he was searching for the US Embassy, so he made transaction with your humble office. From day 1 I was treated very nice. All the staffs are polite, kind and sweet. My experience with the embassy was really great. From the front desk, follow-ups, car service they were all really great. My Visa experience is one of a kind and I will treasure this forever because of the great people behind this company who really there to help and support their clients with their Visa applications. I even tried referring your office to my friends.

Again, thank you and God bless!”

– William & Marciana
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024






James Edward & Karen

I am grateful to Filipino Visa for their guidance and assistance throughout the process. Thank you for making our dreams come true. Finally, I can be with my fiancé. I thank you for your great service from the preparation of documents to ground assistance until my US embassy interview. I Highly recommend Filipino Visa to everyone!

Special thanks to ma’am Evangeline and ma’am Kyla, you did a great job! God bless!”

– James Edward & Karen
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024







Daniel & Lourdes

I would like to thank you to Filipino Visa Especially to Mr. Anthony for all the assistance he provided to us in our K1 Visa application.

Everyone did a great job!”

– Daniel & Lourdes
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024









Charles & Milyn

“We have been so grateful to Ms. Cae for her guidance and assistance towards our Visa approval. Also our heartfelt thanks to all staff, sir Marlon, also the receptionist Mr. Charls and Kristine and to everyone behind this company, without them this journey would not be successful. Thank you and God bless!

– Charles & Milyn
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024









Lawrence & Analyn

“I just want to thank you Filipino Visa for helping me with my Visa application. I’m so glad that we found this agency, thank you everyone especially to sir Green for being there to guide and helped me with my application. God bless!

– Lawrence & Analyn
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024









Christopher & Maria Carmena

Thank you so much Filipino Visa for helping me with my K1 Visa application, from day one until I got my Visa approved.

Special thanks to sir Anthony for being there always and helping me all the way with my Visa application process. You did a great job!”

– Christopher & Maria Carmena
K1 Petition / January 23, 2024








January 16, 2024

Charles & Raquel

“To Ms. Maureen,

Thank you so much for being the most genuine person we’ve known. The person who assisted us until we’ve got approved. You are one of a kind, you treat me like a sister, listening to my problems. I almost give up but you are there to find solutions from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much again. We love you Ms. Maureen.”

– Charles & Raquel
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024







Scott & Irene

Filipino Visa has been there since day 1. From initial filing till my mock interview. We truly appreciate all your help especially to Ms. Marygail, Ms. Melani, Ms. Angie and all the staff who prepared me till I passed the embassy interview.

Once again, thank you for everything you do. My fiance and I appreciate all the guidance and help we got from each and everyone who works in FV.

Maraming salamat and more power!“

– Scott & Irene
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024






Donalds & Damiana

“Maraming maraming salamat po sa mababait po agentsat office personnel na nag a-assist sa mga kagaya ko na nag a-apply ng K1 Visa. Always grateful to have you who guided me with all my documents.”

– Donalds & Damiana
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024










William & Cris

“I would like to thank to all the staff of Filipino Visa who assisted me from the day we started our Visa application journey. Thank you so much ma’am Ruth, you’re the best!”

– William & Cris
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024









Michael & Ebenezer

“To all the agent who assisted me to process all the documents, again, thank you so much! It cannot be easy done without your help. Especially to our almighty Father, I’m so much thankful.

To Ms. Muareen, thank you so much, you’re the best!

To God be the Glory”.”

– Michael & Ebenezer
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024







Eduardo & Delilah

“I would like to to thank Filipino Visa staff for assisting us from the start of K1 Visa process up to the embassy. I would like thank as well Mr. Seej for being so patient with us. Again, many thanks Filipino Visa staff!”

– Eduardo & Delilah
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024









Timothy & Aiza

I would like to extend my gratitude to Filipino Visa staff/personels kasi tinulungan nila ako sa aking visa process. I am so much happy because my visa was approved. Special thanks to Miss Maureen for helping me to my journey. Thank you and more power.

– Timothy & Aiza
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024









Jeremy & Ronielyn

I want to thank to Filipino Visa for giving me full support and assisting for this journey of filing K1 visa. I appreciate the effort of Mr. Miguel for assisting and guiding to my documents.

To the front desk who is really approachable everytime we visit the office (Nico). Thank you very much Filipino Visa.

–  Jeremy & Ronielyn
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024








Bruce & Cyril

Thanks a lot Filipino Visa for the assistance since the day we started. Everything runs smoothly and the process went so easy because of your service. To God be the glory.

– Bruce & Cyril
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024









William & Stephany

To all my Filipino Visa coordinators, ground assistant, and travel assistant, I would like to say my sincere thank you for all the help that you have done while I’m doing all my papers, without you Filipino Visa I can’t do it by myself. Thank you so much for all the care, support and love to your clients. May the Lord God bless you more and many people pa ang matulungan niyo po. Thank you and Godbless.

– William & Stephany
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024








William & Yolanda

“Thank you to all the staff of Filipino Visa for assisting me and always sent me an update about my application status from start to finished. To those who need assistance to process their Visa to the US you can always contact Filipino Visa as they’re one of the best. Special thanks to sir KJ for always there to help and guide me with my Visa petition. God bless!”

– William & Yolanda
K1 Petition / January 16, 2024








January 10, 2024

John & Johnford

“Upon reaching out the Filipino Visa, employees are attentive, answers directly regarding our inquiry, provide complete details, picked us up in the airport, treated us well. When we arrive in their office they welcome and greeted us. Teach us during the interview. It really helps a lot.Thank you so much! NOTE: Helpful and grateful”

– John & Johnford
Others / January 10, 2024








January 2, 2024

Reggie & Ma Evelyn

Reggie & Ma Evelyn

“Thank you for your help sir Pete! Naging madali yung process namin at sa Filipino Visa, sobrang blessed kaming mga K1 Visa dahil sa tulong nang inyong Visa services, God bless!

Sobrang bait nang mga staff! Good job ang more blessings!”

– Reggie & Ma. Evelyn
K1 Petition / January 2, 2024






Adam & Mary Grace

Adam & Mary Grace

“Thank you Filipino Visa for assisting our Visa!
Again, thank you!”

– Adam & Mary Grace
K1 Petition / January 2, 2024








Michael & Sheila

Michael & Sheila

“Filipino Visa is so good, I’m so satisfied with their service and assistance.

To my Visa coordinator Miguel, thank you! for being so nice to me and so professional with your job. God bless to all the staff of Filipino Visa!”

– Michael & Sheila
K1 Petition / January 2, 2024






Russell & Jovina

Russell & Jovina

“Hi, ako po si Jovina Paglangan, K1 Visa approved!

Nag papasalamat po akosa Filipino Visa, ang laking tulong nila sa amin ng aking fiancé since day one palagi silang nandyan para e assist kami at hini nila kami pinabayaan.

Taos puso po kaming nag papasalamat sa Filipino Visa!

God bless and more power!”

– Russell & Jovina
K1 Petition / January 2, 2024





Ray & Rita

Ray & Rita

“Thank you so much to Filipino Visa for helping us from start to finish and also to our Visa coordinator ma’am Maureen, Thank you!”

– Ray & Rita
K1 Petition / January 2, 2024








David & Sarah May

David & Sarah May

“Thank you to Filipino Visa and to all the staff, most especially to sir Peter for always helping me and my fiancé with our Visa application.

Thank you and God bless!
Happy New Year!”

– David & Sarah May
Other / January 2, 2024







Colby & Mharyjoy

Colby & Mharyjoy

“Big thanks sa Filipino Visa na big help sa journey namin sa pag aaply ng K1 Visa namin, sana marami pa kayo matulungan. Sa mga masisipag na Visa coordinators na tumulng sa aming application, maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!

More blessings to come to Filipino Visa!”

– Colby & Mharyjoy
K1 Petition / January 2, 2024






Thomas & Nila

Thomas & Nila

“Our coordinator Ms. Maureen is one of the best coordinator we had, she’s very helpful and kind. She gave time also to accommodate all our questions regarding the application process. She helped me a lot when I got 221G result after my interview at the embassy. Because of her ability and willingness to help, finally, I got my Visa approved!

Big thanks to you Ms. Maureen and to all the staff of Filipino Visa!”

– Thomas & Nila
K1 Petition / January 2, 2024