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June 20, 2022

Sam Kokenos & Janice Canque

Sam & Janice

I would like to thank Filipino Visa for helping us on our K1 visa journey most especially to Ma’am Angelique. She was nice and very helpful to us. We are glad that we found Filipino Visa. Thank you and God bless you all. Keep up the good work.

– Sam Kokenos & Janice Canque
K1 Petition / June 2, 2022





Jason Teach & Flordeliza Resuena

Jason & Flordeliza


“Thank you to all Filipino Visa especially to God, for helping me in my Tourist Visa application. Thanks to Ms. Evangeline also, for helping me all throughout the process. I’m so glad and thankful to all of you guys. To God be the glory.”

– Jason Teach & Flordeliza Resuena
Tourist Visa / June 3, 2022





David Aubuchon & Jenie Loria

David & Jenie


“David and I would love to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all Filipino Visa Staff, especially Sir Jasper for always responding on our inquiry. He guides us throughout the process. Thanks to Sir Lenn also for being so nice and attentive. Thank you so much for helping us and making the visa process successful . God bless us and To God be the glory. ”

– David Aubuchon & Jenie Loria
K1 Petition / June 16, 2022




Steve Rossmoine & Rezel Amistoso

Steve & Rezel


“I am pleased with your services in assisting me in obtaining my K1 Visa. Continue to provide the best services you can to your clients. God bless you and more clients to come!”

– Steve Rossmoine & Rezel Amistoso
K1 Petition / June 16, 2022




Wayne Wellington & Leonora Fuentes

Wayne & Leonora

“Thank you for all the help on our K1 visa application. God bless you and more power!”

– Wayne Wellington & Leonora Fuentes
K1 Petition / June 16, 2022




June 2, 2022

Richard Menting & Gina Laban

Richard & Gina

“Rick and I are so overwhelmed as our visa got approved. Thank you so much for your good assistance to us. We truly appreciate your service on our petition. Thank you so much for making this possible and easy for us. God bless you!”

– Richard Menting & Gina Laban
K1 Petition / June 2, 2022





Dennis Cisewski & Karren Yarao

Dennis & Karren


“Dennis and I are overjoyed that your company had assisted us with this entire process. Thank you so much for all the help. ”

– Dennis Cisewski & Karren Yarao
K1 Petition / June 2, 2022




Lance Lehr & Jinky Pedroso

Lance & Jinky


“It was an amazing journey doing all the processing K1 Visa. We are so happy!! Thank you to all the staff of Filipino Visa. You all did a great job.”

– Lance Lehr & Jinky Pedroso
K1 Petition / June 2, 2022




David Roth & Sheryl Purisima

David & Sheryl

“We are very thankful to all the staff of Filipino Visa. They were really accommodating to me and always update me from time to time. Thank you so much especially to Sir Kevin. ”

– David Roth & Sheryl Purisima
K1 Petition / June 2, 2022





Christopher Robertson & Angelene Pacho

Christopher & Angelene

“We are really thankful to Filipino for helping us on our journey since day 1. All the staff were very accommodating and friendly. Thank you so much. More Power!”

– Christopher Robertson & Angelene Pacho
K1 Petition / June 20, 2022




May 26, 2022

Michael Eric Whalen & Josephine Rosario

Michael Eric & Josephine

“I would like to express my deepest appreciation of a very good service assistance of Filipino Visa. Thank you so much and God bless you all!”

– Michael Eric Whalen & Josephine Rosario
K1 Petition / May 19, 2022





Steven Wehrle & Yolanda Padilla

Steven & Yolanda


“It was an amazing journey doing all the procedure and processing. Amazing because I am approved . I would like to thank the Filipino Visa staff special mention to Sir Johben and all the staff who are always there to follow up and updates during the process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Steven Wehrle & Yolanda Padilla
K1 Petition / May 26, 2022




Melvin Canoza & Gemma Angeles

Melvin & Gemma


“Melvin and I would like to thank all the staff especially to Cherie Maylas who assisted us all throughout the process of our K1 Visa petition. It was truly a big help as it gives us confidence and peace of mind knowing that everything is gonna be taken care of properly. Everyone has been very pleasant and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Filipino Visa. Thanks again and keep up the good work. ”

– Melvin Canoza & Gemma Angeles
K1 Petition / May 26, 2022




Greg Crumpacker & Amy Lindong

Greg & Amy

“I am very happy for the service of Filipino Visa especially Percy who was such a big help. All the staff of Filipino Visa were amazing. Thank you and God bless.”

– Greg Crumpacker & Amy Lindong
K1 Petition & May 26, 2022





Darren Godbey & Cristine Espinola

Darren & Cristine

“Cristine and I would like to personally thank you for all of your time as well as the Visa Service for our Process in this K – 1 Journey. There were many ups and downs in our process, but the downs were due to Covid and the USCIS, NVC, and the Embassy. January 25th of 2019 was the very first contact i had with Cristine on Facebook, after 2 months of communication and meeting her and her family, i decided to reach out to you and your company for assistance in our process.

You were always very sweet and kind and aggressive on getting back to us with our questions, paperwork, and the Government requirements. When Cristine and i met you in person at the Pearl of the Orient Towers in March of 2019 all of the above comments and other testimonials from your clients just re – confirmed today’s testimonial. All of us had to have precise details in our documents and full accountability with double checking our work before anything could be sent or sealed and off to the Government agencies. Some of the delay’s and issues that occured in all of the K – 1 Journey’s took time for results, but you and your company always had ideas and the leadership to help us get through it.
Dominique sent off Emails on our behalf, and when you suggested i reach out to my local Congressman, that actually worked, Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler and her assistant responded to my emails, and he also requested from the NVC why the delay. 2 weeks later the NVC forwarded our case to the Embassy for the Interview.

By the time Cristine and baby Nyles arrives here in the USA, it will have been more than 1287 days for our process and with the Government delay’s all on them. Love will always win when God is in control and when a couple truly has that commitment and love to each other. Prayers are always answered by God, but the amount of requirements needed from start to finish is directly related to you Angelique and your company.

Thanks again for being our Agent through this journey, Cristine and i will keep you updated on our marriage and send you a picture with our family finally joined under God.”

– Darren Godbey & Cristine Espinola
K1 Petition / June 2, 2022