United States and Philippines immigration consulting services for family based immigration petitions, which can include planning the client's immigration process, providing travel and hotel stay at Manila, and ground transportation services.

March 8, 2023

John Firestone & Ma Lyn Firestone

John & Ma Lyn

“This has been a nerve-wracking journey. We have had many ups and downs throughout our journey. But through the grace of God and perseverance, we have finally reached our goal. Thank you Filipino Visa for all of your help and support throughout. We will send all of our friends and family your way for help.”

John Firestone & Ma Lyn Firestone
CR1 Petition / March 8, 2023




John Miller  & Marilyn Miller

John & Marilyn

“We appreciate all of your help. That supported us during the procedure. We successfully completed every transaction we attempted. We are very grateful for that. Without your aid, we couldn’t accomplish it. We heartily recommend Filipino Visa and their kind employees who helped us with the procedure. We sincerely appreciate it.”

– John Miller  & Marilyn Miller
CR1 Petition / March 8, 2023




February 23, 2023

Daren England & Generose Guadalupe

Daren & Generose

“We had a very positive experience with Filipino Visa. They helped us through the entire process with ease. Ms. Angelique was our main point of contact and she was knowledgeable and had a great understanding of the process. The support team was also very responsive and regularly checked in with us. Thank you so much to the Filipino Visa team! “

– Daren England & Generose Guadalupe
K1 Petition / February 23, 2023