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March 11, 2024

David & Joan

“Thank you Filipino visa for guiding us through the interview. We passed today and we are on our way to happiness forever.”

– David & Joan
K1 Petition / March 11, 2024









March 5, 2024

Roosevelt & Lesly

“It’s been a long time before we get the final step and I really satisfied with the service of Filipino Visa. All the people assisted me all the time and the are really nice and friendly to all their client, especially with Ms. Marygail she always updated everything I need. I am really truly satisfied and happy to be one of their client in Filipino Visa.

Thank you so much!”

– Roosevelt & Lesly
K1 Petition / March 5, 2024







James & Cheryl

“James and I met in the Christian Filipina July 2022, since then our relationship grows everyday, from USCIS application to our visa approval. Filipino Visa did such a great help. We would like to express our thanks to everyone specially Ms. marygail Fabian as our visa coordinator, Carl Guinto for the support. It is just a wonderful experience.”

– James & Cheryl
K1 / March 5, 2024








Tony & Erleen

“I truly appreciate the effort, the service, the guide of their company all through out. May God bless this company.”

– Tony & Erleen
K1 / March 5, 2024










John & Remedios

“Dear Sir and Maam, Thank you so much for all you done to my documents. Godbless.”

– John & Remedios
K1 Petition / March 5, 2024











Michael & Teresita

“Thank you Filipino Visa”

– Michael & Teresita
K1 / March 5, 2024











Larry & Jonalin

“All thank you Filipino Visa. Godbless us all.”

– Larry & Jonalin
K1 Petition / March 5, 2024










Jeff & Marilyn

“Thank you Filipino Visa for all your help during the whole visa process. The staff are very accommodating and I want to thank our visa coordinator Ms. Asha and the rest of the team who are with us all throughout this journey. God bless!”

– Jeff & Marilyn
K1 / March 5, 2024









Joseph & Santa

“I just would like to thank the Filipino Visa for helping us through our K1 process, especially to Ms. Asha who answered all my questions and calling me immediately every time I have concern, and to Ms. Evangeline for the smooth mock interview and to all the staff for being so nice. We won’t be able to make it without your help. Thank you and God bless!”

– Joseph & Santa
K1 / March 5, 2024








Anthony & Grace

“Hi! I’m Grace, and it’s great and amazing journey with Filipino Visa. I would like to thank Ms. Ruth our coordinator for a great service and to Ms. Gina who always been there to check up on me all the time. Such a great service Ms. Gina. And to all the staff, Thank you very much!”

– Anthony & Grace
K1 / March 5, 2024









Kenny & Annalou

“Thank you Filipino Visa for your great service and a very approachable staff.

God bless!”

– Kenny & Annalou
K1 / March 5, 2024










Burt & Liza

“Salamat sa Filipino Visa sa pagtulong sa akin at pag assist at pagturo sa akin lalo na kay Ms. Chole at sa lahat ng mga staff ng Filipino Visa. Maraming salamat po.”

– Burt & Liza
K1 / March 5, 2024









Alberto & Cristina

“Thank you Filipino Visa sa pag assist sa amin since day one until we get our Visa approved. Thank you to Ms. Reina as our coordinator and ma’am Judy and Marneli sa always on time na pag pick up and also to the drivers, sir Dan and Mark. Thank you everyone!”

– Alberto & Cristina
K1 / March 5, 2024









Dave & Aicie

“I would like to thank Ms. Cherie for the last minute assistance. Thank you also to Green and other staff of Filipino Visa.”

– Dave & Aicie
K1 / March 5, 2024










John & Liza

“Thank you Filipino Visa and sir Green!”

– John & Liza
K1 / March 5, 2024











Thomas & Cherryl

“I would like to thank Filiupino Visa for helping us process our Visa, especially to ma’am Katharine, thank you for your assistance from day one until we get our Visa approved and also the staff who pick us up at the airport to hotel. Thank you!

I am also thankful and grateful to this agency, Filipino Visa. Love you all and God bless!”

– Thomas & Cherryl
K1 / March 5, 2024








Gabriel & Arnida

“Hello po sa lahat! Maraming salamat po sa pag assist sa akin at sa pag sundo at hatid. Maraming salamat din to Ms. Marygail for all your help.

Thank you very much! “

– Gabriel & Arnida
K1 / March 5, 2024








Alberto & Melbourn

“Thank you sa lahat ng staff ng Filipino Visa for guiding us from the beginning until we got our Visa approved. We are very satisfied of the good service we received and also to all the staff you guys are so approachable. God bless!”

– Alberto & Melbourn
K1 / March 5, 2024









Frederick & Ritchie

“Im Ritchie Bacol one of the clients of Filipino Visa. I am very thankful and bless because they are very kind and so accommodating. They are also on time every time I have a pick up service. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I finally got my Visa approved!

Special thanks to mu coordinator ma’am Nicolene, thank you for guiding me all throughout my journey and to all the staff of Filipino Visa, thank you all! “

– Frederick & Ritchie
K1 / March 5, 2024




March 4, 2024

Donald & Christine

“Filipino Visa yung pinili namin na agency kasi sila po yung makatulong naman samin ng mga papers po namin para sa aming visa po. at ito po na approved na po kami sa tulong ng Filipino visapo. mga mababait naman po yung nag assist po sa amion lalo na si Ms. Reina po.

Maraming salamat po.”

– Donald & Christine
K1 Petition / March 4, 2024







Donald & Jenelyn

“Thank you Filipino Visa. Godbless us all. Thanks also to our agent Kath. She made everything possible.”

– Donald & Jenelyn
K1 Petition / March 4, 2024










Gerald & Antonette

“I will recommend this agency for those couples who want to live together. All staff are friendly and approachable especially our coordinator Ms. Katharine aand also the ground assistance team and the one who who pick up me and drop. me Ms. Gina, Ms. Judy at yung mga driver. all is good. Thank you so much for helping us.”

– Gerald & Antonette
K1 Petition / March 4, 2024








Garry & Evelyn

“Thank you so much to Ms. Katharine for very supportive for all my documents. Maam Katharine salamat talaga dahil hindi moa ko iniwan kahit pinapagalitan ka na ng fiance ko. Thank you again.”

– Garry & Evelyn
K1 Petition / March 4, 2024










February 29, 2024

Kenny & Jannelle

“A big thank you for the whole team for assisting us with our K1 fiancé Visa process, we are so glad that we are one of your clients. Staff are very friendly and approachable. We highly recommend this agency to everyone because they made the whole process easy for us, especially to sir Jerome De Guzman who took care of our case. Sir, we really appreciated your help and guidance. God bless to the whole team and more clients to come.”

– Kenny & Jannelle
K1 Petition / February 29, 2024






February 28, 2024

Robert Phillip & Marcelisa

“Salamat sa lahat for assisting me all the way. I am recommending Filipino Visa to everyone. Dahil hindi ka talaga nila iiwan until you get your Visa approved. God bless to all!”

– Robert Phillip & Marcelisa
CR1 Petition / February 28, 2024








February 27, 2024

Christopher & Lovely Dianne

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa especially to sir Anthony who always answering my inquiries. To Ms. Gina and the driver for being so nice and fun, also to Ms. Evangelyn for helping me prepare my self for the interview, and to all the staff of Filipino Visa thank you so much for being so friendly, approachable and for accommodating us. Thank you so much! “

– Christopher & Lovely
K1 Petition / February 27, 2024








Harry & Gemma

“Sa lahat nang staff ng Filipino Visa maraming salamat for your help and assistance. Taos puso pong akonmg nag papasalamat kasama ang aking fiancé Harry White.Hindi man namain kayo lahat ma isa isa but thank you so much. Special thanks to Ms. Angie and to sir Charls at the front desk thank you and God bless you. “

– Harry & Gemma
K1 / February 27, 2024








Jeffery & Alma

“I would like to say thank you to all the Filipino Visa staff especially to the one who handle on our case Samantha, she’s very nice and organized and always there to answer our questions and all we need to know. Also Carl, his been so nice with us and help us during first step of our journey here in Filipino Visa. Thank you so much!”

– Jeffery & Alma
K1 / February 27, 2024








Harry & Sonia

“Nagpapasalamat ako sa Filipino Visa for guiding us in our K1 Visa application. To sir Pete thank you for being so patient with us and also to our papers, and now I finally got my Visa approved. Thank you and God bless!”

– Harry & Sonia
K1 Petition / February 27, 2024









John & Donalen

“Ang masasabi ko lang sa Filipino Visa ay maganda ang kanilang pag process ng mga papers. Palagi silang nag update sa mga clients. Thank you so much to all Filipino Visa staff. Especially to my coordinator, Ms. Ruth Responso.”

– John & Donalen
K1 / February 27, 2024









February 26, 2024


Shaina & Justine Shane

“I just want to thank Filipino Visa, especially to ma’am Cherie for helping and guiding me to approved my Visa. Thank you everyone! Great Work!”

– Shaina & Justine Shane
Others / February 26, 2024







February 20, 2024

Gabriel & Kathlene

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for Filipino Visa. Especially to sir Carl who was very supportive throughout the process. Daghan Salamat! May the Lord bless you even more and to be a blessing to other people.

– Gabriel & Kathlene
K1 Petition / February 20, 2024









Howard & Jhona

Thank you to Ms. Eve and her team for assisting us to our next journey. They have been a big help.

– Howard & Jhona
K1 / February 20, 2024











Eric & Irene

“I want to thank Filipino Visa for helping me through out my journey with my application K1 Visa. Thank you so much Ms. Maureen for helping me a lot since day one, she always there for me and Eric. Thank you to all the staff of Filipino Visa they are so approachable, very responsive and accommodating in everything. I will love to recommend Filipino Visa to my friends. Thank you and God bless this company!”

– Eric & Irene
K1 / February 20, 2024








David & Jaymelyn

“Today I got my Visa approved! I am very thankful to Ms. Angelique to con tact me to follow up all my documents. Thank you ma’am! Also, to ma’am Nika thank you for helping me all through out my application, and finally thank you to all the staff of Filipino Visa for being so accommodating. I love you all!”

– David & Jaymelyn
K1 Petition / February 20, 2024








Scott & Martha

“Filipino Visa has an excellence service from the first day, the professionalism and a genuine commitment to meeting my needs. What stood out to me was not just the ability to provide what was expected but to go above and beyond in a manner that left a lasting impression. Thank you once again for your exceptional service especially to sir KJ and the rest of the team. Will recommend your company to my friends in the future.”

– Scott & Martha
K1 / February 20, 2024








Christopher & Anisa

“I am delighted to share my positive experience with the Filipino Visa. Their dedicated team has been an instrumental in guiding me through the intricate process of my K1 Visa application. Their expertise and professionalism and unwavering support have significantly eased the complexities of the journey. I highly recommend their services to anyone navigating the Visa application process. “

– Christopher & Anisa
K1 Petition / February 20, 2024








David & Christina

“I am so grateful that Filipino Visa helped me all through out the process of my K1 Visa application. Their services is so good and they sent me follow-ups with regards to my documents. Also they provide resolution when issue arise. Thank you Filipino Visa for an excellence service and to Ms. Nikka and the whole team of Filipino Visa.”

– David & Christina
K1 / February 20, 2024








Donie & Lanie

“Thank you very much sir KJ and to all the staff of Filipino Visa! God bless.”

– Donie & Lanie
K1 / February 20, 2024










Robert & Joy

“Thank you so much Ms. Samantha for helping me all throughout my Visa application You’re the best!”

– Robert & Joy
K1 Petition / February 20, 2024










Gregory & Rebecca

“FV is very supportive in assisting us in our papers in applying in our journey. Our K1 Visa from the beginning up to the end. Thank you so much to maam Cae, our comforter, encourager and she arranging our paper and documents to make it easier for me in my US embassy interview and to maam Angie for mock interview which helped me a lot in my confidence un myself. I also want to thank Jonaliza and company with the transportation. Im honored for this day February 20th 2024, I passed the US Embassy interview. To God be the Glory! Godbless and more power to Filipino Visa.”

– Gregory & Rebecca
K1 Petition / February 20, 2024







Michael & John Remark

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa for guiding us throughout our Visa application. Thank you also to our Visa coordinator Ms. Marygail for being so accommodating in all our inquiry and concerns. Without the help of your agency this won’t be possible. Thank you also to your reception agents, to our interviewer. God bless you all po.”

– Michael & John Remark
K1 Petition / February 20, 2024








Lance & Elelyn

“Thank you very much Filipino Visa for the assistance with our K1 Visa application. We appreciate your warm and friendly staff. More power and good luck!”

– Lance & Elelyn
K1 Petition / February 20, 2024










James & Erell

“I would like to thank you Filipino Visa especially to Ms. Cae for helping us and guiding us with our K1 Visa application. God bless!”

– James & Erell
K1 Petition / February 20, 2024










Rob & Jechil

“Thank you po kay Ms. Reina and sir Carl at sa lahat ng staff ng Filipino Visa na tumulong sa amin particularly wih our documents. I finally go our Visa approved! God bless to Filipino Visa and again, Thank you!”

– Rob & Jechil
K1 Petition / February 20, 2024









February 13, 2024

Paper & Winnieca

“Thank you for the help and preparing me in my interview it helps me a lot and to my requirements. Its very helpful. Best recommended this agency.”

– Paper & Winnieca
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024









Craig & Ednalyn

“It was a great and wonderful time having Filipino visa with me. To my Fiance for the K1 journey process, it was smooth and good process up to the visa approval. Thank you sir Jerome for the assistance you are such a good one sir. Good job!”

– Craig & Ednalyn
K1 / February 13, 2024









Richard & Judith

“My experience I feel so nervopus nung sa step 1 pa lang kinabahan na ako. At pagka huli kasi may tinitingnan pa and papeles ko. Im so thankful kasi approved na po. Thank you Ms. Kyla Parungo.”

– Richard & Judith
K1 / February 13, 2024










Jeffery & Charina

“First, Filipino Visa was a great company, has a great people and very entertaining. Since day 1 they not leave me. The coordinator Maam Chole and to all people work here and service was all great. Thank you so much guys and Godbless us all.”

– Jeffery & Charina
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024









Stephen & John Albert

“Dear Filipino Visa and Cherie, thank you so much for being our agent for helping us all throughout the process. More clients to you. God bless everyone!.”

– Stephen & John Albert
K1 / February 13, 2024










James & Cheryl

“Thank you Filipino Visa and the staff who assist our papers. They are so kind, approachable and they do their best to guide about papers work. Thank you very much maam Kyla Parungo for assist us. and Filipino Visa had a good service. Love the service.”

– James & Cheryl
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024









Jacky & Katrina


“I am very thankful for the staffs they are so hands on in their clients. For Mr. KJ, who helped me all throughout the process, Than you so much sir!”

– Jacky & Katrina
K1 / February 13, 2024









Robert & Jenny Joy

“All Glory to God! I would like to say thank you to Filipino Visa for helping us prepare the documents, appointments schedules until the interview day. Me and my fiancé appreciate your hardwork guys and that we are so happy that we finally made it.”

– Robert & Jenny Joy
K1 / February 13, 2024









Sean & Manilyn

“Thank you for helping, assisting, and accommodating us. To Ms. Angelique Villarama and to sir KJ for helping us prepare all the documents needed for my application and for ensuring that everything is okay. To the transportation team maraming salamat sa lahat din sa walang sawang pag hatid sundo. God bless you all!”

– Sean & Manilyn
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024








Bobby & Julie Anne

“To Filipino Visa, First of all thank you so much for your tremendous efforts on consolidating our documents. I want to commend the outmost dedication of Ms. Jhacie on completing our papers. Thank you so much for your exemplar work ethics. You have been very patient with us and approach us with professionalism and promptness. May God bless you and more power! The comfort provided by Filipino Visa contributes to the success of our journey for our Visa to be approved. The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. More power to your business!”

– Bobby & Julie Anne
K1 / February 13, 2024






Christopher & Mildred

“Thank you to all Filipino Visa staff for assisting us all throughout the process.”

– Christopher & Mildred
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024











Donald Raymond & Myla

“I would like to thank Filipino Visa for making my K1 Visa successfully approved.”

– Donald Raymond & Myla
K1 / February 13, 2024











Brian & LJ

“My fiancé and I are grateful to your service, helping us navigate the K1 Visa process. Thank you also to your follow up calls from now and then to check on us. May you help many more clients the future.

To sir Anthon, Thank you for explaining to us and giving us feedbacks every document submission. ”

– Brian & LJ
K1 / February 13, 2024








Cullen & Jerryl Maei

“Thank you Filipino Visa! I highly recommend this agency to everyone. The people are so kind and hospitable.

To Ms. Katharine, thank you so much for helping me to complete my requirements and always answer my questions.

Wishing a more clients to come to your company! God bless!”

– Cullen & Jerryl Maei
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024







Brandon & Manelyn

“I just want to thank Filipino Visa on helping us on filing our papers, also to all the staffs who handle our application.

Since we are busy and have no time to do some paper works, its actually a big help for me and Brandon to have to have you on this journey.

Again, thank you, I finally got my Visa approved! “

– Brandon & Manelyn
K1 / February 13, 2024







Darryl & Mary Lyn

“My coordinator is Ms. Jhacie and she’s the one who assisted me with my K1 Visa application. She’s nice and everyone in the office are so accommodating. She helped me from start until I got my Visa approved. Thank you so much!”

– Darryl & Mary Lyn
K1 Petition / February 13, 2024








February 6, 2024

Bobby & Anna

“Wow! What a great experience with Filipino Visa. Process were smooth, communication are always open. Documents were checked properly. All in all Filipino Visa is a reliable and accurate agency for US visa application. Thank you all. Kudos to the Team!”

– Bobby & Anna
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024









Robert & Grace

“I am very thankful to this company Filipino Visa. It helps a lot. I go through a lot of being client. Since 1st day at the end still the same feelings but i am very thankful and blessed. Thank you and Godbless.”

– Robert & Grace
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024










Jonathan & Loren

“I thank Filipino Visa for helping me for all the process before my interview. All the staff are kind and active. They help me to process my papers. During the interview went smooth. I finally passed the visa. Thanks to my coordinator Jerome, and Gina and Jonalisa for the assistance. Thank you all guys.”

– Jonathan & Loren
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024









Doug & Diana Rose

“Filipino Visa good service and good communication the customer.”

– Doug & Diana Rose
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024











Nancy & Vincent

“Dear Filipino Visa,

I tremendously thank you for helping me in my K1 Visa. Your team is commendable and I would like to mention Mr. Jerome De Guzman. He has been patient with me throughout our application and he is kind and professional along with the staff in Filipino Visa ground floor. Been a great help.


– Nancy & Vincent
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024







Justin & Shanelyn

Very Thank you for Filipino Visa. I got approved today. Thank you also to my coordinator to Green Panis who assist my K1 Visa.

– Justin & Shanelyn
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024










Jason & Avegil

“Thank you so much for helping us with our visa processing. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. Thank you so much!”

– Jason & Avegil
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024









James & Lanie

Thank you so much Miss Samantha sa lahat at sa tiyaga mo sa pag complete ng mga documents ko and James. A big hthank you talaga super bait mo naman. hehe

– James & Lanie
K1 / February 6, 2024










Kyle & Alma

Thank you sir Amer and other staff of Filipino Visa. So happy, Visa approved!

– Kyle & Alma
K1 / February 6, 2026










Ron & Perlita

“To God be all the Glory!

Thanks to Maam Jhacie Divina and sir Carl for doing good. All our paperworks. Thanks for support and sacrifices to me. I like and love Filipino Visa so much. They are good all staff.”

– Ron & Perlita
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024









Jack & Hazel Grace

“Jack and I are very grateful of all the assistance and patience we received from ma’am Nikka and the rest of Filipino Visa Team. The mock interview was done by Ms. Angie who helped me a lot to get my Visa Approved. Also to sir Charls for being so accommodating.

It was an excellent service done by them. God bless to Filipino Visa! .”

– Jack & Hazel Grace
K1 / February 6, 2024








Joshua & Sheryl


“First of all, thank you so much Filipino Visa for helping me, to my papers and everything, that’s why Im very happy tlo get my K1 Visa. Thank you so much everyone and God bless!”

– Joshua & Sheryl
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024








Ryan & Syrene Faith

“Ryan and I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the excellent assistance we have received through this journey. The professionalism of Ms. Katharine and the rest of the team made this experience positive and we are truly grateful for you assistance. God bless! “

– Ryan & Syrene Faith
K1 / February 6, 2024









David & Manilyn

“Thank you po sa pag tsagang mag assist sa aming Visa Journey ng aking Fiancé. I appreciate po lahatng pag assist at reply nyo sa bawat tanong ko. Thank you po ulit and may God Bless all the people behind Filipino Visa.

Have a great day! ”

– David & Manilyn
K1 / February 6, 2024








Clinton & Jeramie

“I’m so thankful to Ms. Rianne along with the Filipino Visa coordinates for being with me and guiding me all throughout the process. I highly recommend your services to my friends. Thank you everyone! “

– Clinton & Jeramie
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024









Argest & Rhamje Ann

“Me and my fiancé would like to thanks Filipino Visa for for a big help in our K1 Visa Application. Especially to sir Green for helping me all throughout the process.”

– Argest & Rhamje Ann
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024









Leonardo & Judy Ann

“Thank you Filipino Visa! I am very thankful today because I got my Visa approved! Also special thanks to my coordinator sir Miguel and the rest of the staff. I will recommend this agency to my friends.”

– Leonardo & Judy Ann
K1 Petition / February 6, 2024










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