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April 1, 2019

951296 Thomas Wilkinson and Erlyn Hernandez

Thomas and Erlyn


“Thank you, Filipino Visa!  The FV staff are friendly and very accommodating.  They were very helpful in making sure that I am able to submit all my requirements.  My fiance, Thomas, appreciates everything that they did.  God bless you!”

-Thomas Wilkinson and Erlyn Hernandez
Approved K1 / March 2019



Allen Behrens and Jennifer Santiago

Allen and Jennifer


“I’m very happy and contented with the service of Filipino Visa.  My fiance is right for choosing your team to assist us.  Keep up the good work and thank you so much!  God bless us all!”

-Allen Behrens and Jennifer Santiago
Approved K1 / March 2019



Samuel Sharp and Revinia Pascual

Samuel and Revinia


“Sam and I would like to thank Filipino Visa and the entire team.  Thank you for your patience, for always accommodating our questions and for giving us helpful suggestions during the process.  Till next time!”

-Samuel Sharp and Revinia Pascual
Approved K1 / March 2019



Wayne Shelton, Jackyline Hernandez and Child

Wayne and Jackyline


“We would like to extend a big thank you to all the Filipino Visa staff for supporting us all the way from the start until the finish line.  We are so grateful for everything you’ve done.  Good job, guys!  God bless us!”

-Wayne Shelton, Jackyline Hernandez and Child
Approved K1 and K2 / March 2019