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July 21, 2022

Lawrence Murray & Marites Bartolabac

Lawrence & Marites

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa for helping us in our visa process, especially to Ma’am Eve, Percy, and the rest of the team. Thanks again. I hope you will be able to assist more clients in the future.”

– Lawrence Murray & Marites Bartolabac
K1 Petition / July 14, 2022





Elwood Agustin & Janet Agustin

Elwood & Janet

“I am grateful to all the staff of Filipino Visa for assisting us since the day we signed the contract. I love the accommodation they gave to us. The hotel is nice and near to the US Embassy. God bless us.”

– Elwood Agustin & Janet Agustin
CR1 Petition / July 18, 2022





Ryan Lee & Angelica Sofronio

Ryan & Angelica

“Filipino Visa is a must for anyone doing through the K1 Visa process. There were so many problems when we applied during the pandemic, and Filipino Visa + Angelique was a steady hand to guide us through the process. We are so grateful and appreciative for their professional 24/7 service.”

– Ryan Lee & Angelica Sofronio
K1 Petition / July 21, 2022





JRichard Bradshaw & Ernilyn Oliveros

JRichard & Ernilyn

“Filipino Visa did a great job putting all the packages together. They took out all the guesswork and made it possible to complete the process in minimum time. Thank you very much.”

– JRichard Bradshaw & Ernilyn Oliveros
K1 Petition / July 21, 2022





Myron Hodgson II & Eden Ramos

Myron II & Eden

“I would like to thank all the staff, especially Ms. Eve for helping and guiding us to get our visa approved. More power to Filipino Visa.”

– Myron Hodgson II & Eden Ramos
K1 Petition / 7/21/2022