United States and Philippines immigration consulting services for family based immigration petitions, which can include planning the client's immigration process, providing travel and hotel stay at Manila, and ground transportation services.

July 28, 2022

Rick Hammersmith & Aylene Hammersmith

Rick & Aylene

“I would like to say thank you very much to Filipino Visa for guiding me until the end of my visa application. I am really happy and satisfied with all of your efforts. I am so grateful for your free accommodation also. Thank you so much and God bless.”

– Rick Hammersmith & Aylene Hammersmith
CR1 Petition / July 28, 2022




Bradley Ness & Ennie Delos Reyes 

Bradley & Ennie

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa, especially to Ms. Richa for helping us with our visa application. More clients to come! God bless.”

– Bradley Ness & Ennie Delos Reyes
K1 Petition / July 28, 2022





Robert Miller & Michelle Taylaran

Robert & Michelle

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa for your instant response when I have questions and concerns. I really appreciate the assistance, especially of Ms. Evangeline Pacson. Thank you so much for all the help.”

– Robert Miller & Michelle Taylaran
K1 Petition / July 28, 2022





Philip Dudum & Emy Miague

Philip & Emy

“Thank you, Filipino for helping me along the way. My fiance and I found it hard to process everything but special thanks to all the agents who kept us updated with all the papers we need to submit. And to those who picked me up at the airport, thank you so much.”

– Philip Dudum & Emy Miague
K1 Petition / July 28, 2022





Daniel Green & Lordelyn Green

Daniel & Lordelyn

“Thank you so much to the Filipino Visa for assisting me and my family on our journey to be united as a family. We would still be fighting through this long process if it weren’t for you. Thank you to our agent, Angelique, and the entire staff for their patience with all of our needs and questions.”

– Daniel Green & Lordelyn Green
CR1 Petition / August 1, 2022