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May 7, 2024

John & Roland

Thank you for assisting me very well.


– John & Roland
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024









Sean & Mariz

The processing of the documents are organize.

– Sean & Mariz
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024










Jason & May Ann

Thank you Filipino Visa for all the assistance you have provided through your professional service. To sir Peter Valad-on, thank you so much sir I am glad to have made the right choice.

– Jason & May Ann
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








Robert & Jenny Rose

I’m so thankful for Filipino Visa for assisting us on this Journey. To sir Peter our coordinator who always there to provide important info. Thank you and Godbless Filipino Visa.

– Robert & Jenny Rose
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








Kurt & Ma. Ruffa

I’m so thankful to Filipino Visa for assisting me throughout my journey processing my visa. And also to Ms. Angie my visa coordinator who always there to provide those important info we needed. I hope your company will grow more and help those people who need help to process their visa. Thank you so much and Godbless you all.

– Kurt & Ma. Ruffa
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024







James & Marilyn

I was so happy for my interview today. It is all for the help of Together Light Inc. I’m so glad I met this agency especially to my visa coordinator- Ms. Maureen.

Thank you so much for all the help and effort of all staff. To the ground assistance team that always make effort for us. Thank you to all here in Together Light Inc. (Filipino Visa)

– James & Marilyn
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024






JW & Angelica

I just want to say thank you to maam Kyla actually she is so accommodating and also to the Filipino Visa for everything and their support. Godbless you all po.

– JW & Angelica
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








Chad & Cristine

To all the staff of Filipino Visa, my warmest thanks. All throughout the process went well with you. You really assure us that long distance relationship is temporary. I will surely recommend you guys to other couples I know in the future.

Godbless to your company and more power.

– Chad & Cristine
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024






Troy & Jennelyn

Sobrang helpful and bait ng mga staff. Napadali ang pag process lahat ng documents. I would definitely recommend Filipino Visa.

– Troy & Jennelyn
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








Richard & Helen

Very accommodating helpful to process all my documents. Friendly all the crew. Hassle free. All went well. Thank you so much!

– Richard & Helen
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








James & Avekina

Thank you so much to all the staff of the Filipino Visa. I’m happy for all the support and helping to process papers.

– James & Avekina
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








George & Marjo

“Hello! Thank you Filipino Visa and ma’am Katharine for helping me. God bless!”

– George & Marjo
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








Daniel & Daisy

As of my journey in processing K1 everything going smooth with the help of my coordinator sir KJ and other staff for the positive vibes and always responding my queries.

Godbless and more power in helping other clients.

– Daniel & Daisy
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024






David & Meriam

A big thanks to Filipino Visa for making this journey of mine easier.
Sa lahat po ng staff very approachable . Satisfied client.

– David & Meriam
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








David & Maria

“Carl, thank you so much for all the help. I want to let you know that you really did a great job. God bless to Filipino Visa.”

– David & Maria
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








Reynaldo & Maricel

“I am grateful for the assistance I received from Filipino Visa from the beginning until I got my Visa approved. Thank you everyone especially to sir Carl, ma’am Chole and to all Filipino Visa staff who helped us. Thank you very much!”

– Reynaldo & Maricel
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024







Joseph & Lorna

“Thank you po sa Filipino Visa na hindi nyo po ako pinabayaan sa pag help at sa pag assist. Also thank you, hindi po ako pinahirapan sa aking interview. Thank you Lord!”

– Joseph & Lorna
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024








Yogesh & Maureen

“All the highest praised and glory to our God Yaweh El Shaddai. Time will really test you, kasi di mo alam how long the process will take, and now I got my Visa approved. Yeheey! Thank you my husband & my in laws, may family and prayer partners. Also to Filipino Visa for helping me in all ways. Thank you to my coordinator Ms. Asha who helped me a lot and for being so approachable. Thank you and God bless us all!”

– Yogesh & Maureen
CR1 Petition / May 7, 2024







Andrew & May

“Thank you Filipino Visa for helping and guiding me throughout the entire process of my K1 Visa application. Everyone in Filipino Visa was so helpful and so professional when dealing with their clients. God bless us all. “

– Andrew & May
K1 Petition / May 7, 2024