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October 27, 2022

George Jackson & Kathy Arlantico

George & Kathy

“Thanks to everybody who provided assistance with our application for the K1 visa process. We are grateful for the many prompt calls to upgrade us on the long and enduring process that felt like a marathon. We have been approved! We’d like to extend our best wishes to the Filipino Visa family.”

– George Jackson & Kathy Arlantico
K1 Petition / October 27, 2022




Roel David & Gwyneth David

Roel & Gwyneth

“To all the staff of Filipino Visa especially Maureen, thank you so much for the good service. Thank you for helping and guiding us all throughout the CRBA of my daughter. God bless and more clients to come.”

– Roel David & Gwyneth David
CRBA Petition / October 27, 2022





Terry Brown & Renelyn O'Connell

Terry & Renelyn

“Thank you for the good service, Filipino Visa! We really appreciate it. God bless you all.”

– Terry Brown & Renelyn O’Connell
K1 Petition / October 27, 2022