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September 7, 2023

Harvey Abbott (Worsham) & Mary Jane Sumalinog Go

Harvey & Mary Jane

“I can’t believe I made it and got approved at last despite all the trials we have been through on this process. And I would like to give my appreciation and thanks to Filipino Visa for helping me every single step till the end. Especially our agent Anthony, his very cooperative and helpful.
A big thanks to this agency and would highly recommend FILIPINO VISA to anyone who plan to apply and need help to process all the document.”

– Harvey Abbott (Worsham) & Mary Jane Sumalinog Go
K1 Petition / September 7, 2023



Michael Besas & Jonalyn Patron

Michael & Jonalyn

“Thank you very much FILIPINO VISA and to all staff for helping and assisting me throughout this application journey. To those couples who need assistance with their visa application, I highly recommend FILIPINO VISA without any doubt. Well done!”

– Michael Besas & Jonalyn Patron
K1 Petition / September 7, 2023



Juno Herrera & Sanie Alcanieces

Juno & Sanie

“Thank you so much Filipino Visa sa mabilis at maayos na pag aasikaso ng aking papers. Thank so much.”

– Juno Herrera & Sanie Alcanieces
K1 Petition / September 7, 2023